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3 Unique Ways to Break Into the Covington Real Estate Market

With risk comes rewards; when investing in real estate, greater risk equates to greater rewards. Real estate investments offer myriad options for people of every walk of life to leap into this exciting way to build wealth over the long term and create financial independence for your retirement years. Diversifying among the many different real estate sectors as you plan the strategies that will grow your real estate portfolio will build a security net to protect you from any single sector’s downturns. 

You should also decide if you will take an active non-passive role, spending more than 750 hours and more than half of your time managing your real estate investment business; the IRS will consider you a professional, which affects your taxes. Whether your goal is to become a real estate mogul with vast holdings or simply build a portfolio to carry you through your golden years, read on as we explore three unique ways to break into the Covington real estate market.

Residential Rentals

If you’re looking for a great way to get started in the Covington real estate market, rental properties are a great option. Rental rates usually keep pace with inflation, so your investment will continue to grow even as the cost of living goes up. And if you choose an emerging neighborhood, you can get in on the ground floor and watch your equity snowball as the area improves. Local professional home buyers know all about upcoming trends and zoning changes, so they can help you find the best location for your rental property. They also have a deep understanding of the Covington market, so you can be sure you’re getting a great deal. Contact a local home buyer today to learn more about investing in Covington real estate.


Flipping properties is another fantastic way to break into the Covington real estate market. Specialized funding for flippers allows beginning investors to find a property needing rehabilitation with good bones that can repair or renovate and then sell, bringing the highest possible returns. It takes a keen eye to spot the red flags telling you which properties would be money pits and which properties are gems in disguise. You should also have your finger on the pulse of today’s buyers and what improvements will bring the most return for the investment. By working with an expert that is a professional home buyer, like those at THINK3RE, you can be confident the flip will be a success and boost profits to reinvest in Covington real estate.


The easiest way to break into the Covington real estate market is to talk to one of our professional home buyers at THINK3RE about your investment goals and begin working with the best team in the industry. We will answer your questions and address any concerns about any problems you believe are in the way of your investment vision, THINK3RE has solutions. At THINK3RE, we handle everything swiftly and efficiently in-house with a network of the most highly regarded industry pros in Covington to help build your dreams. Your returns reflect the management of your properties, so unless you have vast experience in the property management field, why not let THINK3RE help you succeed? At THINK3RE, we win when you win; our passion is to help grow your portfolio to its best potential while improving our community, one investor at a time. For non-passive investors, we’ll step in and take on the roles you’d prefer not to handle. For passive investors, we can handle it all, offering our professional property management team to enact your tenant screening process, deal with day-to-day issues, and collect rents to keep you informed and your tenants happy. Call THINK3RE at 253-459-5600.

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