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4 Things People Don’t Know About Working With Home Buyers in Tacoma

4 Things People Don't Know About Working With Home Buyers in Tacoma

Need to sell your house in Tacoma? Working with home buyers can be a great option. Deciding how you will sell your home is a pivotal moment. Making an educated decision about your method will empower you to earn the highest potential profit while meeting your specific needs. While the majority of homeowners’ first thought turns towards working with a real estate agent, their second thought is often of the accompanying commissions which they’d prefer to keep for themselves, leading many to consider selling on their own, or FSBO as their other option. Regrettably, only about 11 percent of these owners are successful. But did you know there is another option! 

If you have never worked with professional home buyers, it may be worth your while to take a moment to examine the benefits that many sellers have found in this often misunderstood method of selling a home. Read on to discover four things people don’t know about working with professional home buyers in Tacoma.

Low-Ball Offers

If you are looking to sell your Tacoma home now, it is likely you have been approached by a number of agents, as well as private buyers. I’m sure they are all interested in helping you make your home sale happen now. There are some problems with this though. These people will tell you “I understand that time is of the essence for you…and I can buy your house fast!” Well…no one wants to be sold to the highest bidder–these guys want something more or different from your home seller experience—so here goes:

When most local real estate brokers talk with folks who are considering selling their homes they usually learn about their situation and determine what the home might be worth on current market. The area is studied to determine what the home might sell for (supply and demand, kitchen size, other features, etc.), how long it has been on the market; whether or not it’s currently listed with any brokers…you know.

It Takes Money to Make Money

Listing your home for sale on the market requires an outlay of cash before you ever have a buyer in sight; a standard expectation of listing is that you will prep the house to highlight all of the sales points as your buyers’ walkthrough at the showings. If there are repairs, you will need to ensure they are completed or deduct an estimated amount for the repairs from your asking price. You may also face a request to assist your buyers with a partial down to help them qualify for financing. After all of this work, time, and effort, the potential exists for the lender to deny the funding and face beginning the process over. On the other hand, people don’t know that working with professional home buyers in Tacoma can save you money. Why not save the marketing expenses, agent commissions fees, and closing costs for yourself? You can skip the prep work and repairs because professional buyers like those at THINK3RE buy homes as-is. 

Closing Date Dilemmas

Home sellers often find themselves arranging for temporary housing due to the closing of their existing home before their next residence is available. Some buyers will agree to a temporary lease that involves a complicated contract that allows the sellers to remain in place until an agreed-upon date. Were you aware that professional home buyers in Tacoma close at your convenience? You heard that right! While the power of cash provides these buyers with the ability to close within a matter of just days in many cases, because they won’t be moving into the home, there’s simply no rush. There’s no need to worry about additional negotiations or staying at a hotel while all of your belongings are in storage. Selling your home in Tacoma to a professional buyer like those at THINK3RE allows you to select the date you wish for your guaranteed cash closing.

Pressured Sales

One of the most important things people don’t know about working with professional home buyers in Tacoma is that we won’t pressure you into signing a contract or anything else. Instead, our goal is to listen to your concerns and fully educate you about the process of selling your home so that you can decide what works best for your personal preferences and financial circumstances. Providing you with this knowledge is another reason professional home buyers like those at THINK3RE give you the current market value, so you will understand what you can realistically expect from each sales method. 

Want to keep the commissions on the sale of your home for yourself avoid the hassles of showings and tense negotiations? If you would prefer to skip spending any money to prep or make repairs and close quickly, with cash in your pocket, a professional home buyer from THINK3RE is the answer you have been seeking. Why not find out all of the other great things people don’t know about working with professional home buyers in Tacoma for yourself? Contact THINK3RE today at 253-459-5600 to learn more!

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